Monday, August 3, 2015


In the ever evolving scheme of the wickedness of Wild Life Crime , the death of Cecil the lion, barely registers on the most sensitive Wildlife Crime Richter scale.

Walter Palmer, the dentist from Minnesota has attracted outrage and anger from people around this planet.

In African areas where conservancies have collapsed, wildlife has largely been wiped out, and wildlife is worth more money dead than alive.

The good news about the death of Cecil is that he has raised world wide awareness of conservationists pleading for help in reversing the global politics that endanger the key stone species in Africa.


The African Elephant population is dwindling to near extinction due to the massive blood ivory trade. Without the elephant, all forms of African wildlife are at risk of extinction as well... Without the elephant to provide water, the big cats and other wildlife can not survive.

Amara Conservation has been contributing immensely with awareness around communities living adjacent to the National Parks and private owned sanctuaries in Tsavo Kenya, conservation education enables people to realize how natural resources and ecosystems affect each other and how resources can be used wisely.

Through conservation education, people develop the critical thinking skills they need to understand the complexities of ecological problems. It also encourages people to act on their own to conserve natural resources and use them in a responsible manner by making informed resource decisions.

The communities with scenic landscapes that are easy to access and have adequate infrastructure can make enough from eco/photo tourism to be viable. But other landowners are returning to cattle, goats and crops in order to educate and fend for their children.

Wildlife on these lands has largely gone, along with its habitat - back to the degraded agriculture landscapes from years back when wildlife use including hunting became legal.

Lions and other wild animals that were on these farmlands are long gone, and those that remain in national parks are shot as problem animals as soon as they leave the park. With this reckless human interference, the natural order of life is disrupted and the whole animal kingdom suffers for it.
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