Monday, May 4, 2015


Richard Leakey in 1989 during his last fight against the elephant poachers.


Kenya has called on the services again of Richard Leakey to combat the elephant poaching in the country. Under Presidential orders Leakey has been made chairman of the Kenya Wildlife Services and told to tackle the poaching crisis.

Richard Leakey played an instrumental in combatting elephant poaching in Kenya during the 1980’s as head of the Kenya Wildlife Service. Using controversial techniques such as using helicopter gunships and the legendary Masai warriors he was able to bring a poaching epidemic to an end.
Now 30 years later and at the age of 70 the Kenyan government is hoping that Richard Leakey can once again rise to the challenge and bring the killing of elephants and other wildlife in the country to an end.

A government notice was released today stating that by Presidential Order of Uhuru Kenyatta Richard Leakey would be made chairman of the Kenya Wildlife Service to deliver direction on anti-poaching and wildlife conservation activities.

His responsibilities as chairman will be to produce new policies and activities on poaching and to guide the general direction of the organisation. The day-to-day management of the Kenya Wildlife Service will remain in the hands of the directors.

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