Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Working with the Elders in Tsavo


We have been working with the Njavungo Taita Taveta Elders, KWS, Kenyans United Against Poaching - KUAPO, and Tsavo Pride on our new program "Tamaduni za Kiafrica Zaboresha Uhifadhi", roughly translated as "African Culture and Tradition makes Conservation Better". We will be taking it to 10 communities on this trial run.
It's going brilliantly! The program started with some traditional Taita dancing... Then Elders speaking... Then Amara... wrapped up by KWS and a lot of question and answer time!



Joseph Dadacha of TSAVO EASTNATIONAL PARK KWS talking about Human Wildlife Conflict and the new Wildlife Act - Isaac Maina of Amara and Kenyans United Against Poaching - KUAPO - and the Chairman of the Njavungo Elders Ronald Mwasi Shake bringing together the old and the new!



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