Monday, August 18, 2014

Kenya: Magic Can Catch Poachers - Elders

This newspaper article does not at all state what Chairman Mwasi said, he took things out of context and twisted them. What the Chairman said is that the Taita and Taveta people had traditional ways of conserving wildlife and the environment, and that it’s urgent to conserve NOW. His real message is that we need to all work together now going forward. Respect for the knowledge of the Elders mixed with modern approaches to conservation will work! We need to bring people together and heal any rifts that exist! LB

Kenya: Magic Can Catch Poachers - Elders
By Raphael Mwadime, The Star
August 18, 2014

Chairman Ronald Mwasi told KWS director William Kiprono that they are capable of using traditional ways to arrest armed poachers by making them fall asleep using magic.

"Our people are not poachers. Those killing our elephants using guns are people from outside. Involve us and we shall help catch them. We are capable of making them sleep and arrest them with their guns when we only have a walking stick."

He said KWS ignores the elders.

Speaking in Voi during the celebration of the World Elephant Day on Tuesday, Mwasi blamed KWS for barring the elders from accessing their shrines in the park.

He said poachers are hiding in the old holes left behind by miners who were extracting gemstones some years back.

"Even when you move around the areas with choppers you cannot spot them," he said.

Mwasi said that the Taita community members used to co-exist peacefully with wildlife since the colonial times and were never involved in poaching. all africa article here

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