Friday, June 27, 2014


Purdue Students Helping Kenyan Children – by Peter Towett of Amara PT 2

We also visited Shetani Lava Flow and Mzima Springs. Mzima Springs are a series of natural springswith a reservoir under the Chyulu Hills. The Chyulu range is composed of volcanic lava rock and ash, which is too porous to allow rivers to flow. The water from the spring flows out at a rate of 282,000 liters per minute, and a pipeline from Mzima provides water to 100s of 1,000s of people in Kenya all the way to Mombasa.

 It’s an amazing thing to see this lush oasis in the middle of dry Tsavo!Mzima pic/sThe students from the University enjoyed interacting with Kenyan students and also had a chance to visit Mlilo Primary School prior to the trip where we showed them how Amara does its work. We also visited Ore primary school where we had an interactive film show and a tree planting session withall students.

The Purdue students were entertained by the school performing Taita traditional singing and dancing, which was awesome. Afterward, the US students donated the hoes and watering cans to the school.On the last evening, to wind up the program,  we had a hill climb that is quite steep and rocky but with beautiful views into Tsavo and as far as Mt. Kilimanjaro, followed by a night film show in Mbulia Community.

We are really grateful to these Purdue University students for their efforts and we urge others to join us. There is nothing like seeing the faces of kids who have learned something important they will never forget, and loved doing it!

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