Thursday, April 24, 2014

Purdue University Helping Kenyan Children – by Jacob Dadi


Schools around Mbulia have reasons to smile for the opportunity for a trip to Tsavo National Park. While they live on the border of Tsavo East and West most of the kids in Taita have never seen these animals in the wild alive. It has been their dream to get a chance to visit the parks but due to poverty, most can’t afford the trip. They smile now because we have very good friends who raise funds to assist these school students to visit their park so that they can learn more about wild animals.

This is the best way to educate the students about the real life of these wild animals; it helps them understand the importance of all the animals and they learn more about each animal they see in the wild. Seeing them helps the students to understand that we Kenyans all own these animals. They are our heritage and it is our responsibility to protect them.

These very good friends are students from Purdue University in the USA who raise funds and come to Kenya through Amara Conservation and take school students on a trip in the park for an educational tour. Last year students from Purdue University came in May and took two schools around Mbulia to a trip to Tsavo West National Park. Apart from the park trip we also register the students as members of Wildlife Clubs of Kenya for this will give the students more opportunities to be involved and participate in environmental and wildlife conservation.

The Purdue University students enjoy the opportunity to interact with Kenyan students and we also take them to other schools to see how Amara works with the children; we will also show them how we do training on tree nursery management. They not only enjoy being in Kenya but also learn more about conservation, the lifestyle of many Kenyans, and what students here in Kenya understand about wildlife conservation.

Last year the students from David Kayanda Secondary and Mbulia Primary School were thrilled about the trip and thanked the students from Purdue University for funding their trips - most of them confessed that they hadn’t imagined they would ever get the chance to visit the parks. The Purdue students had helped them to see their dream coming true.

This year we are preparing for another visit from Purdue University in mid-May. This trip we will take Mlilo Primary School to Tsavo West National Park. These students are thrilled about this opportunity to visit the park, we registering the students with Wildlife Clubs of Kenya. The Purdue university students are paying for everything for our Kenyan kids to visit their park and see their wild animals in the wild.

We would like to urge our fellow friends to also come out and help our kids here in Kenya to get a chance for an educational tour in the parks so that they can learn more about our wild animals. We would like to ask other Universities to join Purdue to help our kids here in Kenya!

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