Friday, February 21, 2014


Photo: Steve Garvie/Flickr

President Obama bans ivory sales in an effort to save elephants from the highest poaching rates in Melissa Mahony @mahony128 • February 13, 2014 

An undercover agent walked into a jewelry store office in Midtown Manhattan two years ago and discovered a ton of illegal ivory—an actual ton.

The ivory was all that was left of more than 100 elephants slaughtered for their tusks. Considering that only three state wildlife investigators cover all of New York City, the sting was a lucky break—but perhaps not a surprising one. New York, and the country as a whole, has an illegal ivory problem, one that President Obama wants to end with a complete ban on the commercial sale of ivory.

The ban is part of an executive order against the illegal wildlife trade that the White House announced Tuesday. Owning ivory will still be OK—assuming it was purchased legally in the first place—but selling the white stuff will be a big no-no, unless it’s a “bona fide antique” of over 100 years old (a fact sellers will have to prove). FULL STORY HERE

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