Friday, February 21, 2014


In mid-February Lori was invited to attend an important meeting of the Council of Elders of Taita Taveta County (Njavungo). They surprised her by making her a member of the Taita tribe, they even gave her a new Taita name, Malemba.

This means, as closely as we can tell, “green leaf of a special medicinal plant that will save the Taita People”. Amara has worked with the Taita people around Tsavo for 10 years now, and are thrilled that they appreciate what Amara does so much.

Taita Taveta County covers a large area of over 6,500 sq.miles, that includes much of the Tsavo National Parks, and human population of over 300,000.

The Elders are planning a more formal ceremony in the near future to which friends and family will be invited. This is a rare and very special honour indeed.

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