Tuesday, January 14, 2014


 Chinese border guards intercept £80,000 of ivory 

Border guards in the Chinese province of Fangchenggang become suspicious of a pick up truck after they spotted the driver acting nervously. After taking a closer look at the vehicle they found a box strapped under the van filled with ivory tusks worth over £80,000. The guards stumbled on the haul on 8th February while they were operating at a routine check-point.

35 Tusks strapped under a pick up truck

The Fangchenggang province borders with Vietnam in the south of China. When the border guards stopped the vehicle for the check the driver became agitated and failed to provide sufficient answers being asked by the guards.

The guards decided a closer look at the vehicle was necessary and after crawling under the pick-up they discovered the box which was filled with 35 tusks. The total weight of the ivory was 275kg and the largest of the tusks measured 1.5m long. The discovery came just 2 days after China destroyed 6.1 tonnes of ivory in a demonstration of its commitment to fighting the illegal trade in ivory.

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