Friday, January 17, 2014


Huge congratulations to Lupita, and to her family Kwame and Sonia, Isis and Madison, Tavia and Omondi.

I just saw the award speech given by Lupita Nyong’o for her Critics Choice Award for Best Supporting Actress, it put tears in my eyes. She dedicated her award to her uncle Aggrey, who is the father of my good friend Kwame Nyong’o.

Kwame is an amazing animator, author, and great friend. I am so moved by all of this, it’s just wonderful to hear about and experience the joy of friends and family members. I was not able to meet Kwame’s Dad as he died just before we met, but I have met his siblings, and they are all very special folks – Aggrey Nyong’o was obviously an inspiring man.

Interestingly, Kwame spent much of his youth in Ann Arbor Michigan - which is where I met him after I had already moved to Kenya – he moved permanently to Kenya shortly after I did.

It’s easy to get into thinking how HUGE the world is, and how far away one is from people you care about, or places that mean something to us – but events like this somehow remind me of just how connected we actually ARE, and how powerful and wide can be the reach of true emotion.

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