Saturday, December 14, 2013


Jacob and Towett came back yesterday from doing 32 days of Amara Conservation Education Programs in Tsavo. They reached over 18,000 people on this trip, well done guys! Working in the Taita Hills areas up to Wundanyi on the top of the hills, reaching people who have never had ANY conservation education at all until now.

Most of the places are are very remote, with steep muddy tracks to drive to get there in this rainy season. They do the programs in schools in the daytime and with adults in the evenings – wherever they can hang the screen off the Land Rover or find space (and no rain!). They were warmly welcomed and supported by all the local leaders, including the who didn’t want them to leave! However, the Land Rover is yet again in trouble.

We just replaced the engine in October, yesterday it came limping back clunking. Luckily today Jaguar our visiting mechanic was able to fix the wheel bearings, but it needs a new steering damper, drop arm ball joint, gear box mountings, brake disc skimming and replacement, and other suspension parts.

We are so lucky that Land Rover donated this vehicle to us, but it’s been a real struggle to keep it going. This year alone it has cost us over $10,000.

 Now it needs about $1,400 worth of more work. If any of you can donate to us to help get us back on the road, we would be very grateful indeed.

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