Saturday, December 14, 2013


We wish to express our heart most gratitude to the Amara Conservation Organization, for accepting to fund, facilitate, train and partner with us towards achieving the noble objective of changing the lives of the people in our Location and the entire Chawia Ward; through transforming the standards of living from the current poverty levels to a development conscious people by assisting them identify their Natural Resources, will and power to conserve and the limelight of a promised better future.

Chawia Ward has a population of an estimate of over 12,000 people. Who mainly through the years have been surviving from subsistence farming and small scale mining, though the yield percentage has adversely deteriorated due to:-

⦁ Unsustainable agricultural, mining activities and destruction of the natural forest covers especially from the upper Chawia area which has adversely affected the lower regions of the ward.
⦁ Human wildlife conflicts which have been made worse by lack of knowledge on conservation by
our people.

We are glad to report that we have gone to some of our primary schools, churches and even held open air sessions in our villages and the response has been really good and encouraging, with the C.B.O’s Executive Members, the C.B.O Board Members, Locational Leaders, Area Chiefs & Assistant Chiefs joining us in this campaign of Community Awareness and generally joining hands as Facilitators with the Ward Representative (Hon. Frank Kichoi), in attending every session and asking questions after the trainings, majoring on Wildlife Conservation programme. See attached photos.

Though we have held three trainings per day for the last one (1) week, we feel that there’s a lot to be done on ground, as the people are asking for more sessions and even requesting for special sessions on Water Conservation, an area we have not covered.

We are therefore, kindly pleading for some more weeks, this month and the onset of the Month of December to go round again and reach the people to enable both the organizations reach our goals jointly.

We feel honoured for having found favor from your organization and the acceptance to work with us. Thanking you for your continued support and your business too. Awaiting your KIND response for our request!

Yours faithfully,

+254 715 568785.

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