Tuesday, December 24, 2013




Season’s Greetings and warm wishes for a Joyous New Year to you and yours! Amara Conservation works year round in the largest elephant habitat in Kenya, one of the most viable places in Africa for long term thriving of the species.


Elephants are iconic: the largest and most loving wild ancient species. Help us change attitudes and understandings to protect the remaining populations; in this place where wildlife and people coexist and can be mutually beneficial.

What you can help us do:

  • Show people why it's important to protect their iconic species – and that so doing will MAKE THEIR OWN LIVES BETTER
  • Work with the people who live with the elephants
  • COLLABORATE with all others working for the wildlife and the people
  • Have poachers decide to STOP poaching after just one session with us
We are the only organization doing what we do. We are a focused group of dedicated people.

Consider a tax-deductible end of year gift of $50, $100, whatever you can give—your contribution will directly impact our ability to reach the people who can actually save the elephants!


Donate today!

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You Help Is Needed ...

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