Saturday, December 14, 2013


"This poacher is a repeat offender of the worst kind. In this case, the full force of the law must put him behind jail for a protracted period and require payment of damages to the highest that Gabon law allows. People like this must be stopped and stopped hard. Well done to the authorities for catching him. Now, put him away!" LB

Arrest of a notorious poacher and ivory dealer in Minvoul (Gabon) Khephren Fanga, Gabonews December 9, 2013 This Saturday, December 7, 2013, Jean-Philippe Nkaga, a notorious ivory trafficker and organizer of large-scale poaching in northern Gabon was arrested Minvoul.

This is a repeat offender already sentenced in late 2011 to 5 months in prison on charges of illegal possession of firearms ammunition for large-scale poaching. He was then arrested by the National Agency for National Parks, in the Minkebe Park. Following the arrest of an Imam in Minvoul with two elephant poachers August 8, 2013 (all sentenced to five months in prison) by the Judicial Police and Forestry, Nkaga had been denounced and judicial proceedings open against him.

He was recognized as the owner of 17 kg of ivory seized then. But unfortunately he fled to the forest for several weeks, returning occasionally to Minvoul. He was eventually arrested by the Criminal Investigation and Forestry with support from Conservation Justice.

Nkaga is a real criminal. Upon his arrest in 2011, cannabis was also found. Several years before that, he had been imprisoned two years for a murder never really solved. He is dangerous and violent, and also resisted during his arrest, seriously biting an officer of the judicial police.

 One of his brothers has also been also arrested for obstructing officers. The professionalism of the Judicial Police is to be praised in this situation, using strategy and patience to arrest a repeated offender arrested several times.

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