Tuesday, December 10, 2013



Jomo Kenyatta was the first President of Kenya. There are many stories of the struggles for Independence – on Dec 12 ,2013 Kenya celebrates 50 years of independence from Britain.


In a very remote area high in the Taita Hills are some caves where he and a small group of freedom fighters hid from authorities during the struggle. People say that Kenyatta prayed in the direction of Mt. Kenya every evening up on the hill, and this inspired his writing the famous book “Facing Mount Kenya”.

Here are a few photos of Amara’s Jacob Dadi and Peter Towett going to visit those caves as they work around the Wundanyi area.

More that 50 years ago, Kenya's freedom heroes denied themselves a life of comfort and luxury, for the benefit of their motherland and prosperity, during the protracted struggle for independence.

One such freedom fighter was Mzee Jomo Kenyatta and our reporter travelled to Taita Taveta county, where she retraced one of the hideouts used by the man who would later become the country's founding father. As she found out, the place is nestled in what is now called the Kenyatta caves.

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