Saturday, November 23, 2013



"The poachers were caught later that day, and the ivory was recovered - because the Kipalo Camp and Mbulia Conservancy is there, and Mutiso is in charge of security. It's always horrendous to have an elephant murdered - but it is good news that informers are turning poachers in now - because the people now want to save the wildlife.

Congratulations for the rapid successful operation by KWS and Mutiso! I hope I never have to smell a rotting elephant carcass again."

An elephant was MURDERED near our conservancy yesterday, I went and saw the carcass... It rained like hell that night. After the rain he was in a lake, AND he had been poisoned arrowed - so no walking right next to him. His face was perfectly evenly hacked off. The trunk was about 15 meters away floating...

The head ranger at Kipalo had some tips and informers and they were able to get the poachers yesterday also, and the tusks. He brought them and the tusks to show to me at the conservancy about midnight. We are smack inside the battle - but I am more aware than ever before of just how important AmaraCon is to rectifying this situation. achh.. Lori Bergemann

You Can Help Stop the Massacre

You Help Is Needed ...

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