Saturday, October 5, 2013


Kenya is a place of untold beauty. We have lumbered here in grandeur since time immemorial. Yet, we fear that will not be the case much longer. We are the African Elephant, and our ranks are dwindling at an alarming rate. 90% of us have perished in Kenya in the last 30 years alone, largely due to a vicious form of greed known as the ivory trade. If we vanish into extinction, an entire ecosystem is likely to perish with us. Please don’t let this happen. Join the Elephants Eleven Campaign. A mere $11 from you and other souls like you can make a monumental difference. It costs so little to save so much.

Often our human brothers and sisters see us as pests to be eradicated, or they simply slaughter us for our teeth, which they sell for use in making cheap trinkets. Our habitat is being diminished through deforestation, and the consequences of mismanaging these precious resources are dire. Just $11 dollars helps Amara spread the word that we can live in peace and harmony with our neighbors, and their lives will be richer for it.

Help Amara Conservation: Make a Real Difference

Amara means unfading, eternal. By giving $11 to Amara Conservation you are making an indelible mark that will echo through the ages. The real challenges of this world are as old and deep as the wrinkles and crevices of an elephant’s skin, but we are not without feelings, and our hearts ache just like our human counterparts. Please find it in your heart to make this modest $11 donation by clicking the link below. Elephants Eleven needs your help.

Donation Information:

PayPal securely processes donations for Amara Conservation. You can complete your payment with just a few clicks. If you don't have a PayPal account, you can use your credit card or bank account.

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You Can Help Save the Elephant

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