Tuesday, September 10, 2013


Lori Bergemann Director/Amara Conservation in Kenya

Lori Bergemann and all of us at Amara Conservation support the International March for Elephants and encourage everyone to get out and help save the elephant from extinction..

Sitting in the Top 5 International Crimes, illegal wildlife trade is a serious and deadly issue, bringing endangered animals closer to extinction and funding terrorist groups.

Join us for the peaceful march in Nairobi on Friday October 4th in asking our Governments to work together in tackling the illegal ivory trade. Organised by The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust, the iWorry International March for Elephants will take place across the globe on one day with one message -

Bangkok, Thailand
Buenos Aires, Argentina
Cape Town, South Africa
Edinburgh, Scotland
London, England
Los Angeles, CA
Melbourne, Australia
Munich, Germany
Nairobi, Kenya
New York, NY
Rome, Italy
Toronto, Canada
Washington  D.C.
Wellington, New Zealand

Marches independent of DSWT:
Ann Arbor, MI
Auckland, New Zealand
Boise, ID
Boulder, CO
Brussels, Belgium
Columbus, OH
Greensboro, NC
Houston, TX
Jacksonville, FL
Maputo, Mozambique
Monrovia/Robertsport, Liberia
San Francisco, CA
Philadelphia, PA

You Help Is Needed ...

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