Tuesday, August 27, 2013


"I was in Delhi 6 years ago... it had changed immensely but I'm sure you know that... I did visit AIS though - actually have a few photos of that day - they welcomed me grandly as one of the old students!" - Lori

in conjunction with Lori Bergemann's trip to Delhi, she also visited Calcutta (now Kolkata), where she is one of a few AIS students who attended both American International Schools. 


When Lori Bergemann was young, her engineer father took a job in India with Hindustan Motors. While at boarding school in New Delhi, she often went to the zoo to visit the elephants. “The elephants just stood there standing and swaying back and forth,” she said. “I just felt really sorry for them. I made a secret promise to myself that one day I would find a way to help them.” It took thirty years, but Lori made good on her promise.

Today she is a passionate, risk-taking conservationist whose non-profit - Amara Conservation - fights the poaching and snaring of African wildlife with education. The path that led Lori to Kenya opened late in 1999. She was in her sixteenth year working at The Earle restaurant in Ann Arbor, MI when her sister Heidi invited her on a special trip.

At first they planned to return to India, but after a chance meeting with a tour operator and wildlife conservationist in Kenya, they decided to change their destination to Africa. - See more at: http://amaraconservation.org/lori-bergemann#sthash.IIuDtdsO.dpuf

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