Tuesday, August 20, 2013


Kenya Wildlife Services wants the Wildlife Bill amended to provide for life imprisonment of those who kill elephants and rhinos. The Bill is due to be debated in the National Assembly. Managing Director William Kiprono said the two animal species are threatened with extinction because of poaching.

The Bill requires prescribes a fine of between Sh10 million to Sh 14 million for guilty of killing the animals. Kiprono was addressing the press in Kitale on Saturday after meeting the County security team to discuss ways of saving the animals from poachers “It is regretting that crime on animals has increased, we want to combine efforts in protecting our wildlife “he said.

He said the country earns between sh100billion to 120 billion in tourism adding 80 percent of the income is generated by wildlife sector. The wildlife sector, he said, has employed more than 300,000 Kenyans and if wildlife is not protected, Kenyans are likely to lack the jobs and the country may lose the income. In the new wildlife Bill, the director said the animal human conflict is well catered for adding if an animal kills or destroys the property of a person, then the owners of the crops will adequately be well compensated.READ MORE

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