Monday, August 19, 2013

Elephant Listening Project


There is little more Andrea Turkalo wanted to do in life than spend her days among the elephants who roam a rainforest deep in the Central African Republic. To her, they are wondrous animals and they have revealed their secrets to her slowly, over the many years she has studied them. It was a tranquil life, until the day rebels drew near, looting and massacring civilians.

Turkalo was forced to gather her precious research, her money and leave. Now she is back in the United States, watching from afar as the continuing turbulence in the CAR takes a toll not only on the people, but also on the elephants that she has grown to know so well. They are being killed with alarming ferocity. Andrea Turkalo is a field biologist with the Wildlife Conservation Society and she works with the Elephant Listening Project at Cornell University, trying to raise awareness about the very bleak future forest elephants face.

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