Thursday, July 11, 2013

International March for Elephants Friday October 4th 2013

The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust is carrying out a peaceful
International March for Elephants in conjunction with the iWorry campaign on Friday October 4th 2013.

To date there are said to be at the very most, 600,000 African Elephants left in the wild and with just a pound of ivory fetching over USD $1,000 on the black market and with lenient penalties, the risk of being caught is low, the incentive high.

African Elephants face extinction by 2025 if ivory poaching continues at the current rate.
This is an international problem and one which must be recognised by Governments worldwide if we are to see any positive developments.

Currently 13 confirmed cities will be taking part in the peaceful movement, a clear sign that the world is asking for urgent change, uniting on one day with a shared message ‘Say NO to Ivory’.

The peaceful marches will be concluding at Government Buildings when will we hand over a letter carrying the voice of thousands of people calling for stricter penalties and urgent international change.

For more details find your nearest city:

You Help Is Needed ...

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