Wednesday, July 17, 2013


Good news for African Conservation, saving the Elephant, Saving Tsavo and much more....Hillary Rodham Clinton is onboard now and hopefully her support will light a much bigger fire under the ivory black marketers and poachers...

Amara means 'urgent need' in swahili. Ann Arborite and University of Michigan alumni, Lori Bergemann became enchanted by elephants as a youth living in India. Their sad captive eyes and swaying motion moved Lori to make an oath to herself that some day she would help them.

Amara Founder and Director Lori Bergemann

For over a decade, through Amara Conservation, Lori has been making good on that promise. Working with the Kenya Wildlife Service, and other very talented people, Lori, who has learned swahili, is educating the villagers of Tsavo...and it's working.

Through movies, lectures and workshops, Amara shows how elephants, as a keystone species, are vital to maintaining a healthy life sustaining environment for animals and humans. (Amara also teaches about the detriments of bush meat poaching and deforestation.)

It’s pretty hopeless to stop elephant poaching in Africa unless you get local buy-in,” said Iain Douglas-Hamilton , one of the world’s most celebrated elephant researchers, who runs Save the Elephants 

Local buy-in is what Amara Conservation brings about. 

You Help Is Needed ...

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