Monday, June 10, 2013


Lori Bergemann is the Executive Director of Amara Conservation, a US non–profit, and the UK charity Amara UK Trust, which she co-founded and runs with her sister – Heidi Bergemann. Amara meaning ‘urgent need’ in Swahili.

One of the key aims of Amara is to screen films from the African Environmental Film Foundation (AEFF) for audiences in rural Kenya, comprised primarily of schools and youth groups. The goal is to teach Kenyans about wildlife and the environment.

To discover more about Amara's work, visit their website here - Prior to arriving in Kenya what was your background and what experience did you bring to the table of conservation? I moved to Kenya in 2001.

Prior to that, I lived in the United States, managing a high-end restaurant in Ann Arbor, Michigan for 17 years. I have family in the US and Europe, and started traveling at an early age. I gained new insight and experiences everywhere I went. FULL INTERVIEW HERE

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