Saturday, June 15, 2013


All creatures big and small deserve to live. The smallest Ant to the magnificent Elephant from the dark continent of Africa. Kim Maki called me the other day to say a few words about the plight or the close to extinction of the African Elephant, so I kept thinking about what it is that I wanted to say, and nothing came to me.

 I was reading some poems and as I was saying the lines the poet had written, all that I was thinking about in my mind was about the Elephants. So as I was reading these words my thought's were on the plight of the Elephants. So as you read this poem, please keep in mind the thought about the Elephants. Hopefully it will make sense to you as it did me.

A Glutton Digs with the Teeth Gravestones are wrinkles produced in heaven.
Each a letter learned in the cradle.
The sea washes into hearts full of lost inheritance.
When you have nothing to do, pray to eternity.
O child of velvet, bring me a potato garden in bloom!
Never deduct the smiles of gods, nor the hours spent fishing.
Nobility of the soul's the only remedy against mirth, midsummer nights.
The nation and its destiny. Its tigers and baby teeth.
Throw me onto the rubbish heap.

This poem was written by Jeff Encke, and I hope Jeff doesn't mind that I borrowed his poem and passed it on to you people. But somehow I keep thinking about the Elephants.

Thank you. Peace & love. Johnny Bee Badanjek

Retro Kimmer

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