Saturday, June 8, 2013


The owner of the sandwich franchise 'Jimmy Johns' should receive the award for being one of the most infuriating human beings on the planet.

Big-man Jim John Liautaud spends his free time murdering endangered species, and does so with a thumbs up and a grin. Most notably, he pays major bucks to go on African safaris to Hunt African Elephants.

What makes a man see a beautiful animal and think: "hand me my rifle?" Perhaps he sees his careless attitude as excusable because he's got the cash to alleviate any resistance along the way -- whatever the reason, Liautaud is proud of his kills.


These photos are from a safari Liautaud went on in 2010, and elephants weren't the only victims of his poaching. Here he is with a gorgeous leopard, held up by, again, a smiling Jim John. Leopards are also becoming more and more threatened -- their numbers dwindling due to poaching.

Africa is just one of the many exotic places Liautaud has traveled to to force encounters with huge animals to add to his collection of trophies. Here he is with an enormous Alaskan brown bear he killed in the Unimak Island National Wildlife Refuge.

Clearly he likes to go for the large and/or dominant animals, which not only weakens the species, but totally disrupts the balance of the entire ecosystem.

Purchase Jimmy Johns Food??? We think not.

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