Monday, June 17, 2013


A prolific elephant poacher in Chad has been captured by authorities and paraded to the media. The poacher Hassan Idriss, also known as Gargaf is said to be behind the slaughter of 89 elephants in one night (14-15 March) near to Ganba. He is thought to lead a gang of poachers that has killed 192 elephants since August.

In a major coup against poachers the authorities arrested the man on June 14th with 124 tusks. The gang of 50 horseback poachers that he led killed 89 elephants in Ganba that included 33 pregnant females and 15 juvenile elephants and calves. Environment Minister Mahamat Issa Halikimi said, “It is unacceptable that lawless men roam our forests and carry out massacres of large animals when efforts to protect the environment in our country are well recognized internationally,”

The Minister highlighted how dangerous Idriss was to both the wildlife and people in the region by pointing out that apart from the 89 elephants killed in March Idriss was behind the killing of 40 elephants in October when 5 rangers from Cameroon were killed. Idriss was also involved with the killing of 63 elephants in August last year.

The capture of Hassan Idriss is a major step forward in the fight against the gangs of poachers that roam around central Africa. As the countries start to come together and develop regional plans and actions against poachers hopefully Idriss will be just the first of the poachers to be bought to justice.

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