Friday, May 10, 2013

Taveta "Communities for Wildlife" Walk

Taveta "Communities for Wildlife" Walk

The anti-poaching event in Taveta was a ginormous (if there is such a word) success. Close to 200 members participated, with approx 150 odd from towns and villages across Taveta like Njikuni, Mahandakini, Kasani, Kidong etc.

A large number of these individuals were former poachers or somehow involved in the bush-meat trade specifically. Stories were told of how some former poachers used to use their children to take bush-meat to the markets in order to avoid detection as who would question a small child carrying a bucket.

The inspiration is to see all these individuals march in solidarity for their wildlife and actively involved in anti-poaching programmes in Taveta. Tsavo Pride and Amara Conservation did all the major work of rallying communities and supporting them with transport and food after the walk.

The day started with grizzly cloudy weather and we were all wondering what the turn-out would be like. However, we had nothing to fear. The communities of Taveta were extremely keen for their voices to be heard and were not going to miss this opportunity for anything – the muddy roads, the on-and-off rain, nothing would stand in their way.

The walk did start about an hour late due to logistical issues and took us from Darajanni junction (taveta-voi-loitoktok intersection) via the Taveta Prison, KWS Office, through Taveta town close to customs, around the marketplace and back towards the district office where we finally congregated. We were flagged off by a lyrical song sung by ladies from Kasani (mothers of poachers, wives of poachers or themselves involved in bushmeat trade).

On our way we stopped at the KWS office where he addressed some representatives of the group and answered all our questions to the best of his ability. READ FULL STORY HERE

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