Monday, May 13, 2013

**NEWS UPDATE** China's Ivory Craze is Killing Africa's Elephants

By Juliet Fuisz, CNN May 10, 2013

Many of us believed that the ban on ivory, more than two decades ago, had ended the illegal ivory trade and saved Africa's elephants. But instead, the magnificent creatures are again in danger of extinction because of a resurgent soaring demand for ivory half a world away in China.

Twenty-five thousand elephants were killed in 2011 – poaching levels that had not been seen in more than ten years. The U.S. government describes a new sort of ivory organized crime that spurs on these massacres by heavily armed militias. In many parts of the African continent, murder rates now exceed population growth, meaning that the African elephant could simply disappear altogether.

In the video above Christiane Amanpour previews a National Geographic documentary called "Battle for the Elephants," in which reporter Bryan Christy investigated how Asia's booming ivory industry is keeping African poachers in business.

For further information on elephants please see Save the Elephants' web site at


兩萬五頭大象被殺害,2011年 - 偷獵十餘年未曾見過的水平。美國政府介紹了一種新型的象牙有組織犯罪,由全副武裝的民兵馬刺這些屠殺。在非洲大陸的許多地方,謀殺率超過人口的增長,這意味著非洲象可以簡單地完全消失

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