Wednesday, May 1, 2013

My Name is Tsavo Elephant

My name is Tsavo elephant, I live in Tsavo, and am the leader of the new generation's movement of Tsavo elephants. Due to ever increasing insecurity we are losing our families every day to people who need our tusks/ivory to sell them on the black market. We had a meeting 2 yrs ago in Tsavo to discuss this big issue which threatens our lives.

We were reminded by one of the elders that we were created before human beings and that we occupied the whole land for grazing and to enjoy ourselves, because of this it was clear that we owned the land and we were happy, but also God created man and gave him a small garden called eden, and we respected this man because God gave him powers over everything, he also gave us names like he called Ndovu / Tembo which was translated in many other languages, and were happy and respected this great man.

But now this man has turned to be our great enemy, just because of the black market of ivory. We want to inform you man that our tusks are just like your hands or fingers and we cant perform our duties without them. In order for you to get our tusks, YOU ARE KILLING US.

We have feelings just like you and we feel sad, cry, and mourn our friends and families when you kill them for ivory, only for you to get money!!

We know that people from other countries come to this country to see us in the parks, and we know that they bring a lot of money and employment, the question to you is Do you want us to move from this country to another country and stay there???

We are asking the government to jail those who are found guilty of killing us more than 30yrs and without only being fined. It’s only that we can’t have our own judiciary and carry out these sentences ourselves... We are writing this to Amara Conservation to help convey this critical message, because we know you are the people who educate people about the importance of us elephants.

We thought of supporting you by selling our ivory to buy you a new vehicle and even a plane so you can reach many people as soon as possible before we perish completely. We appreciate your work Amara Conservation.

You Help Is Needed ...

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