Thursday, May 16, 2013



“I’ve never really understood how we as a species/race of intelligent humans could covet parts of a dead animal as opposed to the living animal itself. Ivory is a commodity and luxury of the rich. One tusk can sustain a family in the jungle for months if not years.

If the demand is not there, the supply would be meaningless. If you have ever stood next to an elephant, as I have, you could not comprehend the slaughter of such a magnificent animal simply for its tusks.

It’s too bad the same amount of money that goes into trading ivory, can’t be used to protect these animals. I guess all we can do is save as many elephants and other animals slaughtered for their body parts, by whatever means possible.

Lori Bergemann is certainly doing her part, and deserves our support.”

Steve Hunter-2013

Lori Bergemann Executive Director Amara Conservation

Many thanks to the legendary guitarist and star Steve Hunter for his kind words in support of our work at Amara Conservation in Kenya.

Steve’s virtuosity has contributed more to rock and roll than most people could imagine –

We at Amara work to emulate Steve's level of skill and influence in our work for saving the elephants, people and ecosystems who depend upon them. Thank you Steve and Karen Hunter!
 ~ Lori 

You Help Is Needed ...

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