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We wish all good things to the world for 2014! Especially to our beloved giants the African Elephant. Your pledges help us enlighten the local residents and the world to the tragic blight in Kenya.

To the many of you that have pledged this past year we THANK YOU..We thank you for joining Amara in the  battle to end the evil blood ivory trade.  Sadly our battle continues..


Amara Conservation Family

Thursday, December 26, 2013

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Season’s Greetings and warm wishes for a Joyous New Year to you and yours! Amara Conservation works year round in the largest elephant habitat in Kenya, one of the most viable places in Africa for long term thriving of the species.


Elephants are iconic: the largest and most loving wild ancient species. Help us change attitudes and understandings to protect the remaining populations; in this place where wildlife and people coexist and can be mutually beneficial.

What you can help us do:

  • Show people why it's important to protect their iconic species – and that so doing will MAKE THEIR OWN LIVES BETTER
  • Work with the people who live with the elephants
  • COLLABORATE with all others working for the wildlife and the people
  • Have poachers decide to STOP poaching after just one session with us
We are the only organization doing what we do. We are a focused group of dedicated people.

Consider a tax-deductible end of year gift of $50, $100, whatever you can give—your contribution will directly impact our ability to reach the people who can actually save the elephants!


Donate today!

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Saturday, December 14, 2013


We wish to express our heart most gratitude to the Amara Conservation Organization, for accepting to fund, facilitate, train and partner with us towards achieving the noble objective of changing the lives of the people in our Location and the entire Chawia Ward; through transforming the standards of living from the current poverty levels to a development conscious people by assisting them identify their Natural Resources, will and power to conserve and the limelight of a promised better future.

Chawia Ward has a population of an estimate of over 12,000 people. Who mainly through the years have been surviving from subsistence farming and small scale mining, though the yield percentage has adversely deteriorated due to:-

⦁ Unsustainable agricultural, mining activities and destruction of the natural forest covers especially from the upper Chawia area which has adversely affected the lower regions of the ward.
⦁ Human wildlife conflicts which have been made worse by lack of knowledge on conservation by
our people.

We are glad to report that we have gone to some of our primary schools, churches and even held open air sessions in our villages and the response has been really good and encouraging, with the C.B.O’s Executive Members, the C.B.O Board Members, Locational Leaders, Area Chiefs & Assistant Chiefs joining us in this campaign of Community Awareness and generally joining hands as Facilitators with the Ward Representative (Hon. Frank Kichoi), in attending every session and asking questions after the trainings, majoring on Wildlife Conservation programme. See attached photos.

Though we have held three trainings per day for the last one (1) week, we feel that there’s a lot to be done on ground, as the people are asking for more sessions and even requesting for special sessions on Water Conservation, an area we have not covered.

We are therefore, kindly pleading for some more weeks, this month and the onset of the Month of December to go round again and reach the people to enable both the organizations reach our goals jointly.

We feel honoured for having found favor from your organization and the acceptance to work with us. Thanking you for your continued support and your business too. Awaiting your KIND response for our request!

Yours faithfully,

+254 715 568785.


Jacob and Towett came back yesterday from doing 32 days of Amara Conservation Education Programs in Tsavo. They reached over 18,000 people on this trip, well done guys! Working in the Taita Hills areas up to Wundanyi on the top of the hills, reaching people who have never had ANY conservation education at all until now.

Most of the places are are very remote, with steep muddy tracks to drive to get there in this rainy season. They do the programs in schools in the daytime and with adults in the evenings – wherever they can hang the screen off the Land Rover or find space (and no rain!). They were warmly welcomed and supported by all the local leaders, including the who didn’t want them to leave! However, the Land Rover is yet again in trouble.

We just replaced the engine in October, yesterday it came limping back clunking. Luckily today Jaguar our visiting mechanic was able to fix the wheel bearings, but it needs a new steering damper, drop arm ball joint, gear box mountings, brake disc skimming and replacement, and other suspension parts.

We are so lucky that Land Rover donated this vehicle to us, but it’s been a real struggle to keep it going. This year alone it has cost us over $10,000.

 Now it needs about $1,400 worth of more work. If any of you can donate to us to help get us back on the road, we would be very grateful indeed.

You Can Help Us Save the Elephant



"This poacher is a repeat offender of the worst kind. In this case, the full force of the law must put him behind jail for a protracted period and require payment of damages to the highest that Gabon law allows. People like this must be stopped and stopped hard. Well done to the authorities for catching him. Now, put him away!" LB

Arrest of a notorious poacher and ivory dealer in Minvoul (Gabon) Khephren Fanga, Gabonews December 9, 2013 This Saturday, December 7, 2013, Jean-Philippe Nkaga, a notorious ivory trafficker and organizer of large-scale poaching in northern Gabon was arrested Minvoul.

This is a repeat offender already sentenced in late 2011 to 5 months in prison on charges of illegal possession of firearms ammunition for large-scale poaching. He was then arrested by the National Agency for National Parks, in the Minkebe Park. Following the arrest of an Imam in Minvoul with two elephant poachers August 8, 2013 (all sentenced to five months in prison) by the Judicial Police and Forestry, Nkaga had been denounced and judicial proceedings open against him.

He was recognized as the owner of 17 kg of ivory seized then. But unfortunately he fled to the forest for several weeks, returning occasionally to Minvoul. He was eventually arrested by the Criminal Investigation and Forestry with support from Conservation Justice.

Nkaga is a real criminal. Upon his arrest in 2011, cannabis was also found. Several years before that, he had been imprisoned two years for a murder never really solved. He is dangerous and violent, and also resisted during his arrest, seriously biting an officer of the judicial police.

 One of his brothers has also been also arrested for obstructing officers. The professionalism of the Judicial Police is to be praised in this situation, using strategy and patience to arrest a repeated offender arrested several times.

Tuesday, December 10, 2013



Jomo Kenyatta was the first President of Kenya. There are many stories of the struggles for Independence – on Dec 12 ,2013 Kenya celebrates 50 years of independence from Britain.


In a very remote area high in the Taita Hills are some caves where he and a small group of freedom fighters hid from authorities during the struggle. People say that Kenyatta prayed in the direction of Mt. Kenya every evening up on the hill, and this inspired his writing the famous book “Facing Mount Kenya”.

Here are a few photos of Amara’s Jacob Dadi and Peter Towett going to visit those caves as they work around the Wundanyi area.

More that 50 years ago, Kenya's freedom heroes denied themselves a life of comfort and luxury, for the benefit of their motherland and prosperity, during the protracted struggle for independence.

One such freedom fighter was Mzee Jomo Kenyatta and our reporter travelled to Taita Taveta county, where she retraced one of the hideouts used by the man who would later become the country's founding father. As she found out, the place is nestled in what is now called the Kenyatta caves.


Friday, December 6, 2013


"The poachers were caught later that day, and the ivory was recovered - because the Kipalo Camp and Mbulia Conservancy is there, and Mutiso is in charge of security. It's always horrendous to have an elephant murdered - but it is good news that informers are turning poachers in now - because the people now want to save the wildlife. Congratulations for the rapid successful operation by KWS and Mutiso! I hope I never have to smell a rotting elephant carcass again."

An elephant was MURDERED near our conservancy yesterday, I went and saw the carcass... It rained like hell that night. After the rain he was in a lake, AND he had been poisoned arrowed - so no walking right next to him. His face was perfectly evenly hacked off. The trunk was about 15 meters away floating...



A New York antiques dealer has been sentenced to over three years in prison plus three years' supervised release by a US court for smuggling Asian artifacts made from rhinoceros horns and ivory from the US to China. Qiang Wang, also known as Jeffrey Wang was sentenced to 37-month imprisonment followed by three years of supervised release for conspiracy to smuggle Asian artifacts made from rhinoceros horns and ivory and violate wildlife trafficking laws.

Robert G Dreher, the Acting Assistant Attorney General from the Department of Justice, said. Wang was arrested in February, 2013, as part of "Operation Crash", a nation-wide crackdown on the illegal trafficking in rhinoceros horns, for his role in smuggling "libation cups" carved from rhinoceros horns from New York to China.


Wang admitted to participating in a conspiracy to smuggle objects carved from rhinoceros horn and elephant ivory out of the US knowing that it was illegal to export such items without required permits. Due to their dwindling populations, all rhinoceros and elephant species are protected under international trade agreements.

Wang falsely labeled the packages in order to conceal the true contents and did not declare them as required, the Justice Department said. Special Agents with the U S Fish & Wildlife Service executed a search of Wang's apartment in Flushing, New York, and found documents showing Wang was involved in buying rhino horn and ivory artifacts and smuggling them to China.

Agents seized two ivory carvings, including one found hidden behind Wang's bed that were forfeited as part of the sentence. Numerous photographs of raw and carved rhinoceros horn, including approximately 10 different raw rhinoceros horns, were found on Wang's computer and telephone consistent with a common practice of emailing or texting photographs of items for sale in order to receive instructions on whether to purchase the items and how much to pay.

Elephant Summit Celebrate the Passing of Wildlife Bill

The Kenya team at the Elephant Summit celebrating the passing of the Wildlife Bill. James Isiche, Iain Douglas-Hamilton, Patricia Awori Patrick Omondi, Ali Kaka, Mamadou Kane and Philip Muruthi

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Here are some photos around here in Nairobi, on the way to Tsavo and others there...


I put ‘highway’ in front of all the ones taken from the car on the Nairobi-Mombas Highway just so you know those are views from the main road



You Help Is Needed ...

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